N5DUX Ham Resources

  Welcome to N5DUX Ham Tools. These are just some of my pet programming projects that I've made to answer a question, do a job, or pass some time. I hope you find them useful. I will continue to work on them so long as there is a need. If you have a project you'd like me to consider please let me know.

If you have any problems, questions and or concerns, please contact me at tommy@neodux.com.



  • 2m Tape Measure Yagi - the venerable, cheap, easy-to-construct 2m tape measure yagi
  • Kite Antenna - Kite-supported antenna experimentation at the beach
  • Portable Satellite Setup - Getting started in ham satellites. A full FM/SSB satellite station in a bag! (Let's rover!)
  • POTA Setup - My POTA equipment and view of things when operating Parks On The Air
  • Raspberry Pi Projects - Listing of my amateur radio related Raspberry Pi projects
  • M12864 Transistor Tester Construction - A handy electronic component part identifier and tester kit.
  • QCX QRP Radio Kit - Added toroid wire lengths missing from original documentation


  • PDF archive/library - A slew of PDFs I've gleaned from countless other repositories
  • Free Ham Publications - Collection of past freely available ham radio publications
  • US Call Area Map - Black and white version of US Call Areas (0-9) suitable for printing/photocopying. CC license
  • DX Clusters - List of publicly accessible DX clusters. Please report broken links.


  • Licenses Issued graph/data - Interesting graph and XML data of the number of license issued in a given month
  • APRS Passcode Generator - Generate passcodes for use with the APRS network
  • Rigol DS1054z Hack (aka Riglol) - Generates key to unlock several untapped features on a DS1054z scope (and other Rigol models too!)
  • Easy Worked All States Map - (relatively) Easy to use graphic for keeping track of your Worked All States log
  • Hash Generator and Validator - Generate several cryptographic hashes and compare them
  • Antenna Calculators - Antenna design Calculators
  • HSMM-Mesh - An HSMM Primer by AI2Q, Alex titled "An Old Buzzard's Guide to Getting Started with HSMM-Mesh
  • Scholarship Checker - Scholarship Eligibility Checker for ARRL Foundation Scholarships
  • Hamfest Bingo - Play bingo at your next hamfest! (...or other types too!)