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N5DUX's Satellite Guide - Awards

Maidenhead Gridsquare Map
(courtesy of Icom)


It's human nature to want to achieve. Amateur radio operators are no different. Within amateur radio, there's a plethora of awards you can earn for completing different challenges. Some awards are actually easier to do via satellite than other means. Below are just a handful of awards that you can chase after once you're on the air via satellite.

Worked All States

For US operators, after a while you may notice you've started making contacts in a number of different states. You can get the Worked All States Award once you complete all 50. Alaska and Hawaii are tough but possible!

VUCC - VHF/UHF Century Club

You may also find you're talking to a large number of different grids. At some point you may decide to go for the VUCC Award which you can apply for once you have 100 grid squares confirmed.


Still too easy? Need a real challenge? Go for Gridmaster.
Work all 488 Maidenhead gridsquares covering all the land comprising the lower 48 and you can be an AMSAT Gridmaster. Not only is it a lot of contacts, some gridsquares don't even have anyone living there! (like DL88, EL58, EL84) Those grids are activated by rovers who travel there for the purpose of getting them on the air so others can achieve awards.

Reverse VUCC

Speaking of rovers, let's not forget there's the Reverse VUCC (VUCC/r) Award available from AMSAT. This award is for those rovers who activate 100 unique gridsquares! That means they've traveled to that many locations and activated that grid.